Shrimp Viet Nam natural origin 100 % – order to email [email protected]





Shrimp Viet Nam  natural origin 100 %

How to order? how to buy?

1. Email to [email protected] with title “Buy shrimp”

2. Email content like

Your country: (Indonesia,Myanmar,Thái Lan,. etc)

Quantity: (at least 5kg ~ 11 pound , limit 20kg ~ 44 pound)

Your address: ….

Your phone number:

3. We will reply as soon as for you with content like

Our account number:….

Amount to be transferred:…..

after we receive the money we will shipping to you by air or freight train

Clause one week when the goods

Sorry.My English is very poor.

1kg ~ 2.20462262 pounds (lb)

average six shrimp per kilogam (kg)

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